New trick "Innovation"


"Down the Line" A Waterlust Film

Check out the latest Waterlust film we shot a few months back in Peru! A trip I will never forget....

We teamed up with The Inertia to premiere "Down the Line", a look into riding the longest wave in the world in Puerto Malabrigo, Peru. Check out the article and video below!
Big ups to our friends at ADVENTURE SPORTS MIAMI, NP Surf and Imagine Surf for making this trip happen and to the team at the Chicama Surf Resort for the the best digs a surfer could ever want!   


2014 Cabrinha East Coast KiteFoil Championships

August 15th-17th will be a weekend to remember at Shelter Island Yacht Club as they became the first east coast sailing institution to support the newest and most progressive form of sailing yet– Kitefoiling, which is the addition of a hydrofoil to a kiteboard.