Course Racing World Championships "Pre Game"

Course Racing World Championships    "Pre Game"

As racers start to show up more and more everyday into Cagliari, Italy for the biggest ever Course Racing World Championships. Myself and others prepare for an amazing event to come with over 250 registered races from manny different countries. As the forecast is looking light for the event they say the wind can change quite fast, we will wait and see. So far the wind has been nothing in the mornings, but to our benefit a nice little fun swell rolling in.  I decided my race board was good enough to surf as it was hard to get my hands on a surf board. Worked!! Not only can it course race but not to bad on a wave.  In the afternoons the wind has been filling in with riders on 17 meter to 13 meter kites with gusty flat off shore winds. Tomorrow is registration and the following day a pre race where we might even see over 200 riders on a start line.....  That is the update from Cagliari, Italy as everyone gets ready!  Damo